What can we do when we witness acts of hate?
All of us have been exposed to episodes of hate speech and worse. Too often we are frozen in response, unsure of what to do. Active Bystander Training helps us know how best to respond, and how to help maintain our social contract by protecting targeted groups.

Barnstable No Place For Hate (BNPFH), led by our own Eileen Elias, is proud to sponsor a training session for the members of the Cape Cod Synagogue. The BNPFH coalition is a strong voice against racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and all manners of hate that have strengthened in recent years. A member of the BNPFH leadership council, Chris Morin, will conduct our training with Rabbi Freelund.

About Chris Morin:
Chris has worked in the field of domestic and sexual violence for 16 years. Her initial training in domestic and sexual violence was with the statewide coalition, The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. In Virginia, she served on the statewide hotline.
She presently works at Independence House as the Director of Prevention, Education and Outreach and represents Independence House as a member of Barnstable No Place for Hate.

About the training
Bystander intervention is a practice for community members to use on how to safely intervene in instances where harm is being done to an individual or a group. This training will address the underlying elements of hate and how to respond. It will be interactive as we discuss specific scenarios.

When: Tuesday, December 15th
Time: 7:00pm
Zoom Conference:
An email will be sent out to Cape Cod Synagogue members before December 15th with a link on how to attend.

For questions, please email [email protected].