Giving to CCS

Our obligation that Tzedakah is the highest of all commandments, to give to all people in need, in the Jewish community and to the entire world.

Cape Cod Synagogue, a 501c3 non-profit organization welcomes and thanks you for your generous donations.

Contributions may be allocated at your discretion to any one or more of the following funds established at Cape Cod Synagogue.  Note:  All checks should be made payable to Cape Cod Synagogue with a memo indicating your choice of allocated funds with the exception of the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund where checks should be made payable directly to “Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.”


Cape Cod Synagogue members are welcome to pay their membership dues online (with a transaction fee).
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To provide a base for the financial stability of the synagogue and to generate investments that can yield significant income for the operating expenses including consideration given to donor’s specified intent. The Board of Managers has the power to invest or reinvest or to change investments as needed. Annually, 5% of the corpus of the Endowment Fund is provided to supplement the operating budget.
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Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: to provide resources for the Rabbi to help others in need. Donations must be made out to “Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund”.

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General Fund: to supplement the operating budget of the synagogue.

Lisa S. Blank Youth Activities Fund: to reflect the activities of a Jewish Community Center – a place where kids can hang out, monies will supply games and equipment.

Building and Learning Center Fund: used for the creation and improvement of the synagogue’s physical plant.

Cantor Bruce Malin Music Fund: to promote appreciation and understanding of Jewish music, both sacred and secular, within the Cape Cod Synagogue and the wider public and to help fund periodic programs of Jewish music and culture for the congregants and to present an annual concert of Jewish music by bringing to the Cape Cod Synagogue a guest conductor, choral or instrumental ensemble, or lecturer in Jewish music.

Family Education Fund: to supplement budgeted family education monies to provide additional education programming.

David and Dora Haskel Campership Fund: to be used to subsidize costs incurred by children of synagogue members in their attendance at URJ camps. Distribution is based upon need.

Klei Kodesh Fund (Prayer Books and Ritual Items): to include not only prayer books ($36), but also to include any amount someone wishes to donate and that this money would be used to purchase needed ritual items or repair those that need repair.

Levitt CAPTY Scholarship Fund: to enrich and encourage Jewish education of Cape Cod Synagogue youth to attend any one of the three annual institutes of NFTY. There is to be a grant of one-half toward the overall cost of a NFTY Institute for any member of CAPTY. This is to be used only one time per year by a student. No more than 10% of the Fund may be spent in any given year.

Library Fund

Religious School Fund: to be used to enhance the education of synagogue students, over and above the annual school budget in line with the School’s Mission Statement.

Religious School Scholarships Fund (Betty Elins/SJ): to provide tuition assistance to students of the Religious School based upon financial need.

The Sissinwine Food Pantry Fund: to provide food for those in need.

Gottesman Scholarship Fund

Oneg and Flowers: According to the prophet Isaiah, the Sabbath shall be a delight. By having something sweet to nosh on (especially in times when food was scarce), there was delight added to Shabbat. That is the origin of the Oneg Shabbat on Friday nights and the Kiddushim on Shabbat (Saturday) morning. Lingering, talking and eating after services on Shabbat adds to the feeling of Shabbat being different from other days of the week, when we rush to get to our next thing to do. It also lets us meet, learn about, and interact with other members of the community.

Yahrzeit:  The card that you receive before the Yahrzeit of your loved one will give you the option to honor that individual with a minimum donation of $36.00 which would sponsor the flowers on the Bimah on that Shabbat and support the Oneg. Please notify the office 508-775-2988 or email your date choice and please allow a month advance notice.  Let us know if you would like to also bake.