Cape Cod Synagogue is blessed with a congregation that takes pride in giving.  Our valued members take part in numerous activities throughout the year that keep the heart of our community ticking, both within the walls of our Synagogue and through the streets of our greater community.

There are numerous activities that any of our congregant members can take part in to help make the goals of these activities a success.

Monthly cooking for St. Joseph’s House

For decades, Cape Cod Synagogue members have been providing a monthly hot meal to residents of St. Joseph’s House (formerly The Noah Shelter).  The Synagogue has a full service kitchen available to help you prepare the meal.  To find out more about what is involved and to volunteer for one day over a year’s time, contact Margi Loyer at  [email protected], or call 978-808-9324.

Teaching a cooking class

Calling all Balabustas!!! We need you!!! Are you proud of your talent for cooking Jewish foods? Are your creations greeted with oohs and aahs? Is it Bubbie’s famous rugelach? Auntie Molly’s amazing chicken soup with kneidlach (matzah balls)? Zaidi’s favorite kugel?
Are you willing to share your skills and recipes with the younger members of our congregation? If so, please offer to teach a short cooking class to these eager and willing students. What a lovely way to acknowledge the concept “from generation to generation”, by passing on our beautiful Jewish traditions, from one to another, in the warmth of the kitchen. Men and women welcome as teachers and students. Dates and times are flexible.
Please contact Abigail Usen Berner: [email protected].

Joining a committee

Your participation as a committee member will help make the efforts of the committee successful.  There are numerous committees that are open to your support.   Visit our Committee Page.

Fundraisers and events

There are numerous fundraisers and holiday events that take place throughout the year which require volunteer help.  Please consider taking part in helping with one or more of our fundraisers or holiday celebrations.  Some examples include:
  • Annual Raffle Party
  • Deli Dinner
  • Tu B’Shvat Sedar
  • Passover Seder
  • Purim Shpeil
  • Golf Tournament
  • Concerts
  • Speaker events
  • …and more