Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Path to the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism Today
Video Documentary and Discussion
Marty Sleeper


Israel Action Committee will show a documentary from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, The Path to Nazi Genocide, (38 minutes) to increase awareness and knowledge of the circumstances that led to the Holocaust.


This program will focus on understanding similarities and differences in circumstances that led to genocide in Europe in 20th century and the current circumstances in United States in 2019.


Marty Sleeper is a former teacher and school Principal (Runkle School in Brookline, 1979-2000.)   From 2000-2015 he was Associate Executive Director of Facing History and Ourselves.  Facing History is an international educational foundation which develops curriculum materials and does professional development for teachers about civic education. Its focal case study is on the years leading to and including the Holocaust and the the lessons of that history for democratic citizenship in today’s world.


When: Wednesday, March 6 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Following the program, please join us for a Buffet Luncheon